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Other Ways to Sell Houses Fast in this Market

Looking at Selling Homes a New Way?

Check with Your Eye Doctor!

If the For Sale By Owner Sign in your yard has applied for social security or if your real estate agent has told you that her daughter will be taking over the listing, you may want to visit your eye doctor.

Not to say you are not seeing well, but we all can learn a lot by the way she does the job. You don’t simply walk in the door and get a new prescription for your glasses or contacts.

First you wait in the outer office, but if your house sale is typical of most today, you already know how to wait. The good stuff begins when you walk in the door to the inner sanctum. The doctor, or more likely an assistant, will collect basic information about you and your eyes.

In house selling terms, this will equate to an honest evaluation of what the houses Read More

How Are the We Buy Houses People Different?

I f you are suddenly looking to sell your house fast and have looked at a number of the “We Buy Houses“ Websites, you have noticed that our websites are different and we do that for a reason.

There is a difference in the we buy house people and the fastest way to point that out is to look different.

Most of our competition looks the same. Formula site with a form to fill out so the nameless person at the other side of the web can decide if they even want to talk to you.

Try finding a name or a phone that a real person answers.

So that is the first difference. We are Maryan and George Beardsley. We are real people who really live in TampaBay and really have been buying houses for two decades. My cell is 727 644 4661. If I am available I will answer. Not a call center half way around the world.

The second difference is we really buy houses.

The Third Difference Is We Buy Some Houses

Others Can’t Because They Don’t Have 20 years Experience

For example, no one is going to write you a check for the $80,000 you paid for a home five years ago, because it is worth a lot less than that today.

No one is going to buy your $80,000 home that you owe $150,000 on and pay off the mortgage!

But we do have programs where we can pay you very close to what you paid for the house a few years back and we may be able to take over the loan that is bigger than the value of the house.

And we offer unbiased outside information on how to sell a house fast using creating methods. If we use a technical term we provide definition and analysis bean authority third party.

As Maryan mentioned many of the other guys want to get your house under contract and then hope they can sell to some else. And of they fail, you are back to where you were and a couple of more mortgage payments have gone by.

We may actually buy your house for cash or we may use other techniques, such as ”subject to,” ”lease option” or “seller financing.”

And any one of those advanced techniques may be totally wrong for you.

If we can not help we will provide a FREE consultation while you could still be waiting for someone else to call you back.

The competition wants you to fill out a form — which is okay, we have a form too and maybe it is more convenient for you, but what we want is to buy your house fast

No Matter who You Sell Your House To

You May Want to Ask These questions!

I Need to Sell an Estate Home

Fast in Pasco Pinellas Tampa Bay

We have a form too

if it is more convenient

We Buy Houses in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Dunedin, Safety

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We Really BUY Houses! Ask the Real People Who Have Sold Their House Fast!

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We Could Have Stayed at the Ritz

We take the tenants and the trash

So You Can Have the Spending Cash

Sell Your House Faster Using the Parable of the Starving Donkey

Selling a house today is as difficult as at any time in my lifetime and I am constantly amazed at the ways people work to make it even more difficult.

Recently in doing research on another topic I came across a parable purportedly from a fourteenth century French priest that seemed to articulate the dilemma of the modern home seller.

The fall guy in the parable is a donkey and I want to be really clear that I am not making any comparison between people who have not been able to sell the homes they no longer want and the donkey. You could change the parable to any animal you want. I am just sticking with tradition.

In the story, the priest had two very tasty and plentiful stacks of hay prepared and then placed his donkey half way between the two hay stacks.

Look Both Ways Before Eating Hay

The donkey looked longingly at the hay stack to his right. And then he looked left. He estimated both stacks were equally delicious and equally distant.

And with two equally desirable goals, eventually the donkey starved to death. When you transfer this principal to selling houses, death is not the likely outcome, but there are other problems a plenty.

While the real estate version of the Starving Donkey is common, I remember s specific instance several years ago when a widow answered one of my ads and wanted me to buy her former house, that was now vacant. Her former house was listed with a real estate agent and I have a real estate license so I was required by real estate tradition to deal with the agent.

We met and I covered the facts that we both knew. Her house had been worth $80,000 and was now worth $40,000 and she wanted $80,000. I said, “I will pay $80,000 in this manner. I will pay the real estate commission and all closing cost, which will leave about $72,000 which should go to your client. Then I will pay her $300 a month for 20 years.”

“If your client sold the house for $80,000 and put the money in the bank in a savings account, she would be getting maybe $120 a month at current rates.”

You Can Get What You Want, IF

“This plan gives your client the price she wants and the sale of the house which she wants, and more monthly income that the bank would pay. You get the full commission, which you want. And I get a house I can rent for $750 a month, minus the costs which include paying her $300, taxes, insurance, vacancy and repairs.” Selling a house fast can be win-win

He said, “She just wants her money.”

I believe she had two hay stacks. She wanted to sell her house and she wanted to do it her way. Three years later I saw the home sold for an extremely low cash price, after she had paid taxes, insurance, lawn care, repairs (based on the sale price she may not have paid much in repairs), utilities, paving assessments, and so on.

Now a smart donkey could have chosen to live life ala carte, visiting one hay stack each day, alternating between the Vegetarian Burger King one day and Mickey Dee’s Hay House the next: There are answers, but they require deciding what you want most, or a creative way of getting both of the things you want most by giving up something else.

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